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"The AMT3000 Transmitter is quite the little transmitter.
I purchased the transmitter pre-built to prevent complications and I have to admit I was quite impressed how professionally the board was assembled.
I started with the wire because I had the coil on order from Carl who makes the verticle antenna for the AMT3000.
I had built the antenna from the easy to use diagram and specs provided on the site and requested him to make the coil, because I wanted it done right.
With everything put together and tuned properly the transmitter gets out great. I think I have a good range of over a mile, maybe farther in hot spots.
The sound is incredible and sound just as good if not better than the other commercial stations in my area.
Just make sure you have the antenna clear of any obstacles and have it well grounded and possibly elevated if you have buildings or houses close by and you should be more than happy with it.
I can only imagine how well this puppy would get out if I had it 50 feet up!!
Thanks Phil and Carl for being so helpful and patient with me."

Ray Gauthier
Abbotsford B.C.

"The coil has arrived!!! Nice workmanship!!! Thanks for filling the order quickly and for offering your insights!!!"

RK From Maryland

Dear Carl,
I love the antenna. The mast fit against the chimney exactly as planned and the ground system fit inside the fence.
We were amazed at how easily the antenna went up. The amt3000 transmitter tuned quickly and we had a signal that covered the school grounds before the children came out for recess.
We have more work to do on our studio, but the sound coming from the transmitter and the antenna is amazing.
Thank you for your work on our antenna and for helping us choose the sstran transmitter for our school.

Janice Turner
Tennessee School Guidance

Hey Carl thanks for the coil! Looks like a lot of work, but it hooked up perfectly. My Metz is getting out much better with the coil. I'll write you soon, Burt,NH

I built the antenna per the SSTRAN instructions and ordered the coil from Carl the Antenna Guy.
I did have some trouble hooking it up but Carl was very helpful in giving me advice on how to make it work.
I enjoyed his stories too. The workmanship was wonderful for the price and it arrived quickly.
Hope you put this in your letters section.
Bruce, Nevada

Ordered an antenna from carl. I had an AMT3000 which I converted to use antenna myself. It arrived ready to use and the price was right. It was some work to set up but after some experimentation I had a wondeful signal. Serving a small community with a broadcast of old radio shows.
Tom, Kentucky

Carl: Thanks for your patience with me. I'm reaching out in one area about 4 miles and have the town I live in covered. Get a little interference here and there but that's to be expected. My problem was very minor but caused a serious problem. The RCA plug for the antenna/grnd was wired in by a friend who helped me.I told him black was ground, white was signal, but he crossed the two and behind the box soldered the coil wire to ground. Your last e.mail clarified what I should look for and resolved the problem. Haven't fine tuned anything yet and almost afraid to. Thanks again for your understanding and help! Got good coverage of our little town,population 1000.

I received the coil yesterday. I must say, the workmanship and quality of your coil assemble is very impressive. I must say I, or any of my employees could never compete with this kind of quality. I may be asking you in the future for quantity pricing of this product.
Again. Thank you for you quality coil product.
Mark B Illinois

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